About DJ Jayson Jalbert

I was raised in a household where my parents were huge 50's and 60's music fans and then disco hit Maine. So my addiction began... I started collecting 45's, then 33's, then cassettes (no 8-tracks though), and then came the compact disc. I have always wanted to have every song that anyone could request - I have over 38,000 songs and believe it or not, there's still more to get!

DJ Jayson Jalbert

There are two main reasons the events that I am hired for are wildly successful. The first is careful planning with an open line of communication between my clients and myself. Secondly, I really enjoy being part of a person's special day and making it super-fun and stress-free!

My hope is to continue to maintain a successful business that exudes a level of intimacy with my clients and allows my enthusiasm for music to show. Most of my events have come as referrals from previous clients, and I enjoy the feeling of a solid reputation in the work I've done.

Career Highlights