Welcome to the website of DJ Jayson Jalbert

My goal is to make your special day PERFECT.

Ice Entertainment and DJ Jayson Jablert have the tools to make your special day PERFECT

Perfect days happen by meeting with clients to understand what you want, how you want it, and building the events' itinerary around your ideas and expectations. Prior to the event, we plan the agenda information to be completely seamless and maximally prepared; Even if unexpected scheduling changes should happen. I coordinate with the caterer, wedding planner, photographer, videographer, wedding party, special guests, guest of honor and facility managers. My task is to make sure everything feels seamless and effortless.

Other services can be offered to wedding clients. I can also provide audio for the actual ceremony, not just the reception. A double setup is an offered service, where the client can have a full audio equipment setup with DJ in two locations simultaneously.

First and foremost, I absolutely love music, and appreciate all genres and eras. You will have a vast collection at your disposal (Over 38,000 songs). I've done hundreds of weddings and events, and I still love making someone's day perfect. I believe that this is your most important day ever - knowing this, I'll be there not just to meet, but exceed your expectations!

Ice Entertainment and DJ Jayson Jalbert have the tools to make your special day PERFECT

With proper notice, I will acquire any song I do not currently own. If you would like to browse some highlights of my extensive music selection, click on the Plan Your Event or Contact Me link - after filling out the contact form, you will be able to print some of the highlights from my music collection to begin selecting your songs. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.